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 Payment Plans


Payment plans make it easy to plan your monthly fuel costs.

10, 11 or 12-Month Budget Plans

A large percentage of your annual heating oil cost occurs between the months of November and March. Hartmann Oil Company allows you to spread out payments evenly over a 10, 11, or 12 month period beginning in June based on your consumption profile at a estimated cost. Hartmann Oil will calculate the average heating oil price per gallon for the previous heating season based on your consumption profile. For example, if you consumed 1000 gallons of fuel for the 2003-2004 heating season, and your projected cost was 1.60/gallon for the upcoming year, your estimated cost would be $1600.00. The table below illustrates an example budget plan based on this profile.

Gallons Consumed Determined Cost Months Payment Amount
1000 $1600.00 10 $160.00/mo.
1000 $1600.00 11 $145.45/mo.
1000 $1600.00 12 $133.33/mo.

Hartmann Oil And Propane Automatic Delivery Customers with approved credit accounts receive 10 day same-as-cash payment terms. We accept all major credit cards, and if requested, will automatically bill your credit card monthly.

The budget plan is not intended to save you money. It is simply a way to better manage your household expenses. For information on budget payment formats please see our Price Protection Page for more details.

For more information on establishing an account with us, please contact us by phone or email.

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